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Exit & Emergency Lighting Testing

Imagine there’s a fire on your property. It’s dark. Thick black smoke, and sounds of panic fill the air. You need to quickly get staff and customers out to safety.

Will your exit and emergency lights direct them if power fails in your building?

If you don’t have your exit and emergency lights tested every 6 months, there’s a higher risk of something going wrong… you’re putting lives at risk.

Don’t get caught out with faulty exit and emergency lights…

Exit lighting

There are 2 types of exit lighting: one stays on all the time - the other comes on during power failure.

The exit light that stays on all the time has 2 sets of bulbs inside:

  • 1 bulb operates on regular building power
  • The other is a smaller voltage bulb powered by a battery - this only switches on during a power outage. If the battery is flat, or the bulb is burned out, the light won’t come on at all. And you wouldn’t realise it’s not working, until you need it to work...

Emergency lighting

This provides basic lighting in case of power outages (known as spitfire lighting). It’s usually located above stairs and in rooms such as toilets.

It gives enough light for people to exit safely or move around the area.

Testing is your legal obligation

Exit lighting and emergency lighting need to be tested every 6 months

This is the legal requirement to comply with relevant building codes according to Australian Standards 2293.2 (AS/NZS 2293.2).

A job too important to leave with just anyone...

The Standards specify that regular testing needs to be done by a person who is qualified and has suitable experience for this type of work.

iContruct Electrical Exit and Emergency Light Testing

Our electricians are accredited, insured, and importantly, have more than 35 years combined experience testing exit and emergency lights.

We’ll help you meet your obligations and give you peace of mind

Exit and Emergency Light Testing Service

In our regular scheduled service, we

  • Clean tubes and replace as needed
  • Inspect and replace bulb and lights as needed
  • Inspect and replace batteries as needed
  • Inspect and replace diffusers as needed
  • Clean light-reflecting surfaces to make sure signs are well lit
  • Make sure your lights comply with current safety standards.

Logbook service: we’ll make sure your logbook is accurate and up to date, including dates, what parts were inspected, condition of parts, and what was replaced.

Save time and money: bundle your electrical services

Keep people and property safe, and meet all your legal obligations at the same time: it’ll save you time, money, and give you valuable peace of mind that your business electrical equipment is in good working order.

Exit and Emergency Light Testing can be done at the same time as:

  • Electrical equipment test and tag
  • Circuit breaker tests
  • Safety switch tests
  • Smoke alarm testing
  • LED lighting upgrades.

What you can expect

  • Licensed and experienced electricians
  • Guarantee on labour and parts
  • Emergency call outs
  • Personal service with one main point of contact
  • Certificate of Compliance provided with every job, big or small.

Contact us to make sure your exit and emergency lighting will work when you most need it.

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